Secret Spot. Perfect Spot

Jumpai, Bali

Bali’s Secret Spot Villas. Travel sites give it 5 stars. Guests rate it 10/10. The perfect spot.

Dinah and I have visited Bali on numerous occasions and have stayed in many different locations around the island in villas, hotels and resorts. We reckon that The Secret Spot Villas on the island’s east coast are right up here with the very best Bali has to offer, the perfect spot for a true Balinese holiday. And it seems that we are not alone in our praise.

Travel accommodation site rates The Secret Spot Villas as “Superb”. Respected international travel advisory site Trip Advisor reviews the The Secret Spot Villas as “Excellent”, giving it the highest rating of 5. Online guest reviews rate The Secret Spot as 10 out of 10. “This was Paradise!” “Amazing location, very tranquil away from the busyness of Bali.” “The host and his staff are amazing.” “If you are searching for a hidden place to relax with a nice atmosphere, we can recommend this place 1000%.”

Bali’s best kept secret

Immaculate, modern villas right on the beach with some of Bali’s best surf breaks on your doorstep? Absolutely. In fact, we could see the waves breaking on the beach from our villa, and we were lulled to sleep each night by the sounds of the sea. So named because of their proximity to the legendary ‘Secret Spot’ surf break, The Secret Spot Villas is a small complex of 6 ultra-modern yet traditional-in style Balinese villas set right on the black sand beach of Bali’s east coast near the fishing village of Jumpai. The villa complex is less than one kilometre from the main highway and under 40 minutes’ drive from Denpasar, yet a million miles away in terms of peace and quiet. Surrounded by rice paddies and village gardens, The Secret Spot Villas offer views over the ocean to the beautiful islands of Nusa Lembogan and Nusa Penidi to the south and to Mount Agong volcano to the west.

Opened in mid-2018, everything here is brand new, including the bathrooms which are spectacular. In fact, the bathrooms at The Secret Spot Villas are a real feature of the accommodation. They are luxurious to say the least and in keeping with Balinese architectural norms, are indoor/outdoor with a shower and a free-standing bath. As one guest commented “Our villa had an open air bathroom – an undeniable treat for those from the UK!”

Each luxurious beach-front villa is air conditioned. It also has its own private patio offering spectacular tropical garden views to the ocean. And, in the morning, amazing views of the sunrise. The complex features not one but two infinity swimming pools so you can gaze out over the beach while you swim. There are one or two room villas available and guests can take advantage of a shared kitchen as well as a bar and restaurant with an excellent menu available. All meals are cooked specifically for you from fresh local produce and are delicious, and the bar fridge is always well stocked to cater for those relaxing Bali evenings.

The staff are great. Nyoman is host as well as being driver and guide. He’s been guiding visitors all over Bali for more than 30 years. He’ll organise getting you to wherever you want to go. Nyoman’s son Geda is the manager of The Secret Spot Villas. Our meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner, were expertly prepared by chef Cusinier who was supported by hospitality staff Eka, Putu and Kutut. Together, they really make you feel right at home.

Catch a break

Bali is world famous for lots of things, and right up there is its legendary surf. So, while The Secret Spot Villas is a great place to catch a break from your hectic day-to-day lifestyle, it’s also a great place to catch a surf break. Surfers have been visiting Bali from all over the world for decades in search of the perfect wave and that illusive ‘secret spot’. These secret locations, untouched by the voracious surfing community, are getting harder and harder to find. Some say that secret spots don’t exist. Well, I’m here to tell you that they do. A couple of hundred metres north of The Secret Spot Villas you’ll find one such surfing spot, known locally simply as the “Secret Spot”. Further along the beach there’s the break they call “Local” and almost directly in front of the villas is the “Kiwi” break. So, no shortage of waves for all surfing proficiencies.

Close to everything. A million miles from anything.

Everyone is incredibly friendly around here. Dinah and I enjoyed a leisurely stroll into the village of Jumpai. The children never leave you alone. On the outskirts of the village we discovered, of all things, a bonsai nursery, the Stan Raka Bonsai Nursery. We love bonsai and have a number of beautiful bonsai trees at home in Australia, so this nursery was like a magnet for us. As is common wherever you go in Bali, the people were welcoming. Unfortunately we can’t import bonsai from Bali into Australia, so we did the next best thing. With their permission, we captured their trees in photos.

Down a country lane and onto the beach we discovered small rice paddies being tended by local villagers, cattle tethered in fields, as well as a number of places of worship. Every 15 days the village holds a dance festival in the local temples known as a ‘Barung’ to celebrate the half and full moons. After a short walk we arrived at Jumpai Surf Point (clearly marked by the surfboard suspended in the tree!) and a collection of small beach shanty huts. The perfect place to throw your board in or just sit, watch and enjoy.

The Secret Spot Villas are located on Bali’s east coast, allowing for easy access into the heart of Bali to areas such as Ubud; the fabled cultural heart of the island, as well as to the Monkey Forest, the numerous spectacular waterfalls and Bali legendary river-rafting. The Secret Spot Villas can arrange part or full day excursions for you. Or, you can also simply rent a push bike to explore the local area. If you want to venture further afield, you can use the guest moped.

Shhhhh! It’s A Secret

There’s still a lot of beautiful Bali to be discovered, as Dinah and I continually discover. So, our recommendation – leave the traditional urban centres crowded with rowdy tourists, brash bars and raucous nightclubs behind (even just for a few days) and discover what we believe is some of the most beautiful, unspoilt coastline in Bali and the perfect place for a quite break, a relaxing holiday or romantic honeymoon – The Secret Spot Villas.

As one guest noted in their online review: “One of the best stays we have ever had in Southeast Asia. Perfect. Could not recommend it more.” Dinah and I agree. This place is definitely 10/10. The perfect spot.

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Photo Gallery

Main picture: The sun sets on another amazing day at The Secret Spot Villas

  • Six spacious villas, 2 infinity swimming pools. Perfect.
  • You can see the waves breaking from your villa. Perfect.
  • Immaculately presented. Perfect.
  • The bathrooms are a real feature of The Secret Spot Villas. Perfect
  • Check out the menu. Perfect.
  • Every meal cooked especially for you. Perfect.
  • Relaxing by some of the most beautiful Bali coastline. Perfect.
  • A short walk into the traditional fishing village of Jumpai. Perfect.
  • The village temples never cease to inspire. Perfect.
  • For the bonsai enthusiast, in the village a friendly family nursery. Perfect.
  • Some of the best beach breaks in Bali. Perfect.
  • The famous ‘Secret Spot’ surf break. Perfect.
  • Beach shacks. Maybe not so perfect.